Poemas de reflexíon :  De López y el ser popular
Dictó el peje majestad
que en su lúcido “gobierno”
impere un principio eterno:
“noventa por ciento lealtad
con diez de capacidad”;
mas, ahora hay que agregar
el también ser popular
entre el pueblo que es tan bueno
ser del folclor, lindo, ameno
para en México triunfar.

Autor: Lic. Gonzalo Ramos Aranda
Ciudad de México, a 16 de junio del 2024
Reg. SEP Indautor No. (en trámite)

Poemas de reflexíon :  Al averno
El país está maltrecho
por el narco tan presente
con violencia harto latente
es cierto el crimen, de hecho,
así que “a lo hecho pecho”,
continuará el desgobierno
perpetuo como algo eterno
tendremos segundo piso
de muertos el pueblo quiso
que el destino sea el averno.

Autor: Lic. Gonzalo Ramos Aranda
Ciudad de México, a 15 de junio del 2024
Reg. SEP Indautor No. (en trámite)

Poemas de reflexíon :  De López y su falso "super peso"
Del bienestar ciudadano
buen índice es la cartera
con dinero, nada austera,
y que el gastar no sea vano
en ese ejercicio sano
de ir al super o al mercado
si de poco te ha alcanzado
el poder adquisitivo
del peso no es efectivo
si ni despensa has comprado.

Autor: Lic. Gonzalo Ramos Aranda
Ciudad de México, a 27 de marzo del 2024
Reg. SEP Indautor No. (en trámite)

Frases y pensamientos :  Atribulado XIV
Entre la inexistencia y la muerte sucede la vida,
¿Acaso la vida solo sea una chispa en la sinapsis de la existencia?
quizás la humanidad toda sea un conjunto neuronal.
Que solo pueda concebir ese instante como una vida,
que ese lapso de tiempo se exprese en una realidad onírica.
Que al despertar sea en ese plano de la existencia, eso que.
Nombramos muerte.
Quizás la vida solo sea la consciencia onírica de la muerte...

creado el 14/06/2024 Catriel Cuestas Acosta

Poemas :  A Sure-Bet Strategy for Online Football Betting
A Sure-Bet Strategy for Online Football Betting
Betting on football online involves multiple steps, and without prior knowledge, it's easy to make mistakes. Besides learning how to start online betting, it's crucial to gather successful strategies for betting on football matches online.
What is Online Football Betting?
Online football betting involves placing money on an outcome you believe is correct to win a reward. You can bet on a team to win or lose, or on the total number of goals scored.
This form of online entertainment is becoming very popular due to its many advantages. You can gain significant rewards without worrying about revealing your information, and you can play anytime, anywhere.
If you want to take betting seriously, you should constantly learn and improve your knowledge to increase your winning rate. This is the most crucial step to mastering football betting with a high success rate.
Different Types of Bets in Football Betting
There are three popular types of bets: Asian Handicap, European 1x2, and Over/Under, each with its own methods and rules.
1. Asian Handicap Betting
Asian Handicap, or Handicap betting, features a goal handicap between the stronger team (favorites) and the weaker team (underdogs). Before the match, betting sites provide a detailed odds table for you to make predictions.
There are various types of handicaps, such as level ball, 0.5, 0.75, 1.0, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, etc. Depending on the strength of the two competing teams, the betting site will offer corresponding odds. The way winnings are calculated also depends on the handicap you choose, determining whether you win half, lose half, win fully, or fb88 sports app
Due to the variety of handicaps available, to bet effectively on Asian Handicaps, you need a solid betting strategy. Carefully study each type of handicap along with team information such as form, head-to-head history, and rankings to make accurate predictions.
2. European 1x2 Betting
This type of betting differs from Handicap betting as there is no goal handicap. You simply choose the home team (1), the away team (2) to win, or a draw (X). Thus, reading this type of bet is quite straightforward and doesn't require understanding complex terminology like in Handicap betting.
To succeed in European betting, you need a decisive betting technique. Some experts suggest that winning bettors often need a bit of boldness, as football can always present unexpected opportunities.
3. registered at the FB88 casino
Over/Under betting is entirely different from Asian Handicap and European betting because it doesn't focus on which team wins. Instead, it predicts the total number of goals scored in the match. The bookmaker provides a specific number, such as 3.0, 3.5, 3.75 goals, etc. If you believe more goals will be scored, choose Over; if fewer, choose Under.
Placing Over/Under bets is quite simple, which makes it very popular among Vietnamese players. If you lack experience, this easy-to-understand and easy-to-win bet type is a good choice. Note: Double chance bets do not apply in this case because there are only two choices: Over or Under.
Step-by-Step Guide to Online Football Betting
To participate in predicting the outcome of a sports match, follow these steps for online football betting:
Step 1: Find the Best Online Betting Site
There are many online betting websites available, so you must choose carefully. Some essential criteria to consider include the origin, legality, transaction methods, and promotions.
Quality betting sites are usually based in the Philippines, the UK, Malta, Curacao, or Hong Kong, as these countries have legalized betting and have strict requirements for establishing operations.
These sites should have licenses from organizations such as PAGCOR, CEZA, MGA, IOM, etc. Ensure to verify these licenses before registering an account and depositing money.
A diverse range of transaction methods is how reputable betting sites attract customers and maintain stable operations. Coupled with attractive promotional programs, these features keep players engaged.
Step 2: Register an Account to Become a Member
After accessing the homepage of a reputable betting site, open an account through the "Register" or "Join Now" button. A form will appear, and you need to fill it out as required and then submit it.
If the username does not already exist and the password is strong enough, your membership account will be created. You might be asked to verify your account through a message or call and receive additional bonuses.
Step 3: Deposit Money into Your New Account
The next step in football betting is to deposit money into your account. This is mandatory if you want to win real money from the online betting site.
You can refer to the article: how to withdraw money to fb88
Common payment methods include prepaid cards, game cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers. Depending on your financial conditions, go to the "Deposit" section on the homepage to add funds to your betting account according to your budget.
Step 4: Enter the Betting Lobby to Place Bets
Once you have an account and funds, access the sports betting lobby of the online betting site. Choose one of the available lobbies according to your preferred playing style, then select a match and place bets on handicap, over/under, or 1x2 bets as desired.

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Poemas de naturaleza :  Las quejas del lago
Mi tragedia es la desgracia
del ser humano indolente,
del “gobierno” displicente
de estúpida burocracia,
mi vida es una falacia,
nunca escucharon el llanto
ni velaron por el manto
de otrora agua cristalina
la desventura es genuina
¿por qué me desprecian tanto?

Autor: Lic. Gonzalo Ramos Aranda
Lago de Pátzcuaro, Michoacán de Ocampo, México, a 05 de junio del 2024
Reg. SEP Indautor No. (en trámite)

Poemas :  Mastering Soccer Tips: A Comprehensive Guide to Predicting Football Scores
Mastering Soccer Tips: A Comprehensive Guide to Predicting Football Scores
Here's a guide to soccer tips and prediction , covering various experiences in predicting football scores:
Choosing Tomorrow's Betting Odds Accurately Monitoring match information as soon as bookmakers release odds is crucial. According to experts, analyzing odds about three hours before matches begin is optimal. Checking the odds every 30 minutes allows you to observe any changes made by bookmakers, helping you make accurate betting decisions.
Matches Where the Home Team is the Underdog In cases where the home team is the underdog but has higher odds, usually seen in Championship matches, predicting the outcome becomes challenging due to significant differences in odds. Analyzing such situations, especially with odds like 1/4 or 1/2, requires careful consideration before making any decisions. For odds like a draw or 0.25, choosing the away team tends to yield higher winning odds.
Assessing Form for Live Soccer Betting The form of the teams plays a significant role in match outcomes. When two evenly matched teams compete, predicting outcomes becomes challenging. However, you can consider factors such as the starting lineup, player positions, player form during the match, and the historical record of head-to-head encounters to make informed decisions.
Incorporating soccer tips and prediction into your betting strategy can greatly improve your chances of success and lead to a more rewarding betting experience.
Here's a comprehensive guide on soccer tips and prediction, including strategies for Europa League predictions :
Don't worry, these statistics are always analyzed and provided by experts at reputable bookmakers before the matches take place. So, all you need to do is take the time to read the analyses of these experts before making your decision.
Choosing the Underdog When Odds are Fluctuating
In both upcoming and ongoing matches, bookmakers often continuously adjust their betting odds. These fluctuations indicate changes in the form of the teams participating in today's tournament. To accurately choose the odds, observe whether today's betting odds are fluctuating. If the odds fluctuate continuously from 1/4 to 0, and the final odds increase to 1/4, it's advisable to choose the underdog team for victory. This means that selecting the team receiving the handicap will result in higher betting success rates.
Tips for Selecting Betting Odds Today:
Opt for the home team when there's a draw in European soccer matches.
Choose the home team when there's a 1/4 increase in the betting odds for European soccer matches.
If the home team has been performing quite well recently, consider selecting the away team for victory when betting.
Some Tips for Predicting Soccer Scores:
Choose Teams You're Familiar With: Select teams you're familiar with, and leagues you truly understand. With numerous leagues worldwide, each has its unique characteristics. Continuous learning and monitoring are essential to increase your winning percentage.
Support Your Favorite Teams: Supporting your favorite teams makes decision-making easier because you're already familiar with their capabilities and playing style. As the saying goes, knowing yourself and your team makes winning easier and more certain.
Practice Score Prediction: Improving your score prediction abilities is a key strategy for winning bets. Becoming a skilled player requires time and effort. Don't rush into betting without a basic understanding of the game and the teams involved. This will significantly increase your chances of success.
Choose Favorable Odds: Selecting favorable odds is the most effective way to predict soccer scores and achieve the highest betting success rates. Delve into the odds provided by bookmakers, analyze them thoroughly, and choose the most advantageous option for yourself.
Incorporating these soccer tips and predictions into your betting strategy will greatly enhance your chances of winning and ensure a more lucrative betting experience.
Place your bets decisively, but sparingly. When betting, it's not advisable to place too many bets at once. Doing so leaves you with little time to evaluate, analyze, and improve your winning percentage.
Tips for Playing Handicap Betting
Before choosing a handicap betting method to apply, consider the following:
Stay calm and review the match one last time before making your betting decision.
Once you've made up your mind, be decisive and swift. You only have a short window to place your handicap bet. Hesitation can easily lead to missed opportunities.
If you notice any unusual signs regarding a particular betting odd, pause and refrain from placing a bet.
Maintain a calm and stable mindset to make accurate decisions. Whether you're using series soccer tips or handicap betting, it's all about your own analysis and selecting the most suitable option.
These are some insights into engaging betting strategies from Series Soccer Tips. Explore more interesting and informative information from them!
This article has provided you with additional knowledge about soccer scores and how to predict them to improve your winning percentage. We wish all bettors increased confidence and accurate decision-making to secure significant rewards. For further information on soccer betting, feel free to contact us for specific advice.

Poemas :  The Multifaceted Advantages of Jardiance
Jardiance offers a comprehensive approach to managing diabetes, providing benefits that extend far beyond blood sugar control. Available in dosages like Jardiance 25 mg, this medication helps the kidneys eliminate excess glucose from the bloodstream, effectively lowering blood sugar levels.

One of the key advantages of Jardiance is its cardiovascular benefits. It significantly reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes, making it a crucial component of diabetes care. Additionally, Jardiance aids in weight loss and helps lower blood pressure, contributing to overall health improvement.

While there are benefits, it is essential to be aware of potential Jardiance 10 mg side effects, which may include urinary tract infections and increased urination. However, the comprehensive benefits it offers often outweigh these risks for many patients.

By incorporating Jardiance into your treatment plan, you can achieve better glucose control and enhance your overall health. Embrace the multifaceted advantages of Jardiance for a healthier, more balanced life.

Poemas de reflexíon :  Abstemio en el votar
El que se abstuvo en votar
el dos de junio, negado,
tal poder se habrá guardado
no queriéndolo agotar
lo que así nos da a notar
que, al no ejercer su derecho,
está conforme, de hecho,
con el estado de cosas
todas malas horrorosas
de nuestro país maltrecho.

Autor: Lic. Gonzalo Ramos Aranda
Ciudad de México, a 09 de junio del 2024
Reg. SEP Indautor No. (en trámite)